Internet Marketing – A Busted Flush?

Internet Marketing Is It Dead?

For the last ten years doom and gloom merchants have been forecasting the end of Internet Marketing. Every few months someone else pops up and says that this or that method of making money online is dead or

The funny thing is that for the many people who spend their time actually earning a living online rather than reading or writing about it, internet marketing is a great business to be involved with along with hosting accounts, domains and domain name servers it is thriving.

Search engine marketing and email marketing are just two of the methods that an internet marketing company will provide either as a standalone seo or media marketing product. Other strategies include:

  • Social Media – Facebook and Twitter
  • SEO Services -Search Engine Optimization
  • Internet Marketing Services
  • Affiliate Marketing

In some ways though, the ‘death of’ predictors are right. Business online is an ever-changing landscape and what works brilliantly one day may not work at all the next. Take made for AdSense websites for example. Back in 2002 or 2003, they were everywhere and people were making a killing by taking one article on a niche subject, placing it on thousands of pages on their site along with a few scraped search engine listings for a keyword, and surrounded the whole thing with AdSense. 
search engine marketing

For a good few years, Google had no real way to tell if those sites were trash or not and so sent them traffic anyway so they were still able to make money online.

Internet Marketing: Adsense Free Traffic

Quite a few rich people made a killing from the clicks on the ads that the free traffic

Then Google cottoned on to the scam and found a way to block such sites. Suddenly many of those folks saw their incomes plummet by 95% or more.

And articles started to appear saying that Internet marketing was dead. To get a free report on internet marketing and how to start an internet business, with first class internet marketing strategies, click here: internet marketing speed

Of course it wasn’t. One, less than kosher, method had bit the dust, but not the whole concept of making money online.

internet marketing speed

People who made content-rich websites, built using common sense, white-hat principles back when everyone else were making those scraped, automated sites are still earning from them many years after the trash garbage has been forgotten.
A few years later, article marketing became all the rage and people quickly discovered that Google didn’t much care if an article was 200 words or 2000 words so long as it was keyword rich.

So guess which kind of articles became the norm? The awful, thin, information-poor ones.

Internet Marketing: Is Article Marketing Viable?

Now that Google are starting to fight back and are changing their algorithm to weed out such scanty nonsense, we are starting to see the wails that ‘article marketing is dead’.

No, it isn’t. Bad article marketing is dead. Good riddance.

Every now and again there is a shift. Being online, where things move much faster than anywhere else, the shifts happen rather frequently. That’s really due to the fact that as soon as someone comes up with an idea, thousands of sheep-like online marketers rush to copy it and so the Internet becomes saturated with badly thought through strategies. And then the search engines, because most of the brilliant new strategies seem to involve gaming the search engines in some way, develop a way to filter out all that dross.

Accompanied, as always, by much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the me-too marketers who are all trying pile onto the latest money making scam involving internet marketing.

If only they had realized that the tortoise had the right idea. Far better to plod on with good, old-fashioned, tried and trusted ways that may not be the latest thing, but which just go on working year in year out. The alternative is to be a hare that burns out every time something changes.
When you get right down to it, Internet marketing is here to stay. If anything, it gets bigger and bigger each year.

Yes, people who adopt the latest and greatest scammy approaches can, if they are very lucky, make a return for a short time. But for them, it is vital they keep on reinventing themselves because their own brand of Internet marketing does keep on dying.
But for the rest of us – the white hat, common-sense website builders and writers who have always known that good content, honest business practices and high ethics are the only real recipe for long term success, Internet marketing is not only alive, but it is kicking too!